Design Philosophy

For every garden our goal is the same --- to maximise the potential of the site and to create an environment of visual beauty and enduring quality which offers a private sanctuary but fulfils the owner's practical needs. In an urban residential setting it may be a multi functional garden for a busy active family or a peaceful restorative oasis for relaxation and contemplation.

Where the garden is in an open rural or coastal location and exposed to the wider environment we believe it is important to forge a harmonious connection with the surrounding land or seascape. In every instance we carefully analyse the physical character of the site, respect and respond to the architecture of the house and listen to our clients. We know that from the spirit of the site comes the inspiration and the opportunity to create a very personal garden. A garden which enhances and is in harmony with the surroundings is a garden which will deliver year round reward.

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Creation New Zealand Limited

Landscapes by Sue and Colin McLean & Associates